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Outpatient Therapy

Personalized care outside of your home

Outpatient Therapy

On-site Outpatient Occupational, Physical and Speech therapy services focus on assisting clients to achieve their highest level of independence and functional ability.  

Outpatient Therapy is provided by a team of highly qualified physical, occupational and speech language pathologists to help you maximize your independence and safety. Therapists assist and enhance the recovery process by providing individualized care and treatments for each and every patient. We specialize in neurological and orthopedic injuries as well as general conditioning.

Aquatic therapy can be beneficial for a variety of medical conditions. By using the physical properties of water, an exercise program performed in the pool can facilitate patient healing and exercise performance. Aquatic therapy, which takes place at J Fitness on our campus, can be used in conjunction with land therapy.

Upon completion of an Outpatient Therapy program, wellness programs are offered. Instructed by a trained therapist, these programs assist patients in maintaining their strength and sense of well-being.

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To schedule an appointment for Outpatient Therapy Services or for more information, please contact us at (203) 365-8454 or

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