Rehabilitation Services

Personalized and Innovative Rehabilitation Strategies

Rehabilitation Services in Southern CT - Jewish Senior Services

We understand the unique physiological needs of seniors and offer encouragement and personalized rehabilitation services to ensure clients’ goals are met. Our Geriatric Rehab/ Therapy Program provides innovative therapy strategies with dedicated therapists, and our Clinical Physical Therapy Residency Program encourages innovation and application of the latest therapy practices.

Services Offered in
Multiple Settings

A continuous relationship with our therapy staff is possible as rehabilitation services are offered in three different settings to meet individual needs:

Short Term Rehabilitation

Post-hospitalization at our Goldstein Rehabilitation Center.

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Outpatient Therapy

On-site occupational, physical and speech therapy

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In-Home Therapy

Provided by our Friedman Home Care Agency.

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Three Types of Rehabilitation Services

We provide an interdisciplinary and integrated approach to a client’s recovery, with training in
neurologic, cardiac, orthopedic, and post-surgical rehabilitation.

We offer:

Speech Therapy

Swallowing disorders, cognitive
communication disorders, and
speech language disorders

Physical Therapy

Strengthening and flexibility
programs, gait training and assistive
device use, and fall prevention.

Occupational Therapy

Fine and gross motor
coordination training and
activities of daily living.