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What gives your life meaning? How do you measure your connections to the world around you? Perhaps you describe yourself as a husband, an accountant or a sports enthusiast. When the aging process causes incapacitating physical decline and the circle of life leads to losses, redefining an individual’s sense of purpose is a critically important task toward overall well-being.

In recognition of that psychological need plus the importance of socializing in a productive environment, in 1980, The Jewish Home opened the Residents’ Work Activity Center.

What We Do

Fairfield County businesses contract with the Work Activity Center for projects such as filling envelopes for mass mailings, packaging samples for marketing endeavors or putting labels on brochures. The Work Activity Center takes projects from beginning to end including delivery to the post office. Participants are paid on a piece-rate basis according to the number of units they complete. Business leaders know they can depend on the Work Activity Center because the participants have the traditional work ethic that keeps them highly motivated to meet production goals.

Emphasis is placed on adapting tasks to maximize success for participants whatever the physical or sensory deficits may be. Workstations are arranged to accommodate hemi-paresis, limited vision or arthritis. The leadership of the Work Activity Center believes, “If a person wants to work, we’ll find a way. That’s our job, to be sure everyone who wants to work has a job to do.”

For more information, please call the Work Activity Center at (203) 396-1008 or email and enjoy a worry-free mailing fulfillment service.