Institute on Aging

Jewish Senior Services’ Institute on Aging is a consultative service for adults living at home who are concerned about changes in health, planning for current and future daily needs, and navigating transitions along the way. We offer comprehensive geriatric assessment and referral, social service coordination, and caregiver support. Our priority is to enhance the quality of life for adults living with memory disorders and their caregivers through coordinated medical, psychological and social interventions that lead to an all-inclusive plan of care.

Our Services

Geriatric Assessment

A Geriatric Assessment in a comprehensive outpatient consultation conducted by one of our staff physicians and social workers. The evaluation assesses a patient’s current physical and cognitive health. We work together with your primary care physician, providing them with specialized insight.

The team may identify risk factors for cognitive decline, medication interactions, and evaluate multiple diagnoses to optimize the quality of daily life.

The team meets with the patient and their care partners during an initial 2-hour appointment, during which all parties will be able to share any concerns or issues. Care partners are also encouraged to attend and share their perspectives and support needs. A follow-up appointment is offered to patients to receive and review conclusions, recommendations and potential helpful resources or referrals. This information is summarized in a report for the patient.

Medicare or other insurance may cover payment for this
service. Co-pay amounts will vary per person. Please inquire with our team
about your specific coverage and fees.

Care Management

Geriatric care managers
specialize in helping adults plan for, obtain and navigate transition in non-clinical
daily needs. Care Managers can support individuals, family, other involved
parties, and/or legal representatives, such as conservators.

A geriatric care manager may

  • Care Coordination and referrals to support
    resources, especially during care and health transitions.
  • Long-Term Planning services (assistance with
    Long-Term Care Directives, Advanced Care/Living Will, Powers of Health, Powers
    of Attorney, etc.).
  • Consultation with Social Worker, supportive
    counseling, family mediation and advocacy in dealing with providers, benefits,
    services, and updates to family.

For more information:

Care Managers are available to
discuss needs by appointment in-person or over the phone. Consultations may be
scheduled at your convenience. Service agreements and terms will be reviewed.
Payment packages include single session planning meetings, hourly services, and
monthly on-going assistance plans. We can help determine the most appropriate
and cost-effective option for you.

Please contact us at (203) 396-1240 or at for more information.