Institute on Aging

Assessment and Planning 

Jewish Senior Services’ Institute on Aging is a consultative service for living in the community. It is dedicated to offering comprehensive geriatric assessment and referral, social service coordination, and caregiver support. Our priority is enhancing the quality of life for those living with memory disorders and their caregivers through coordinated medical, psychological and social interventions that lead to an all-inclusive plan of care.

Our Approach

Recognizing that Americans are living longer, the Institute on Aging is dedicated to making their lives comfortable and enjoyable. Our team of geriatric professionals, our clients, and their caregivers will work closely together to help slow the progression of geriatric-related disorders and enhance their quality of life.

Our Services

Geriatric Assessment

A Psycho-social Evaluation
  • Assess the need for services and resources
  • Identify long-term planning needs
  • Evaluate mood and behavior
A Cognitive Evaluation
  • Assess cognitive ability
  • Identify risk factors for cognitive decline
  • Evaluate specific areas of cognitive functioning
A Medical Evaluation
  • Assess medications and their interactions
  • Identify age-related health issues
  • Evaluate all body systems with a geriatric perspective
A Caregiver Assessment
  • Assess stress level of caregiver
  • Identify available resources for caregiver
  • Evaluate the need for follow up caregiver support

Care Management Services

  • Referral to services and assistance with long-term planning
  • On-going coordination of care
  • Help with completion of advance directive documents
  • Provide supportive counseling to client and family for senior issues
  • Be your eyes and ears to monitor your loved one, when you cannot

Reasons to Consider a Care Manager:

  • You do not live near your loved-one
  • You are busy with work and family
  • You are worried if your loved one is safe at home
  • You need help taking care of your elderly loved one’s complex needs
  • It is difficult to navigate the complex healthcare system
  • You would rather spend time enjoying your loved one’s company, than worrying about them

Please call us at (203) 396-1240, or email Laura Snow at