Senior Choice at Home Frequently Asked Questions and Statements – Part 1

Senior Choice at Home Frequently Asked Questions and Statements – Part 1 0

Posted on 8, February 2019

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Ever since the Senior Choice at Home (SCAH) program started in 2011, many excellent questions have been asked, and statements shared, by individuals who were exploring the program for themselves, family members or clients (i.e., attorneys). Since people in like situations may have similar thoughts, we thought it would be beneficial to share some of these questions and statements, along with our responses, with you.

Do you have any experience providing care yet?
We have provided thousands of hours of service to our members. Many of the services that we are presently providing are temporary in nature while our members recover from an illness, surgery or other setbacks. These services include both home based and facility based care. However, we are also providing care to members in their homes that they will now be receiving literally for the rest of their lives. We recommend that you speak personally with some of our members. They will be happy to share with you their experience being a member of SCAH and receiving services.

How do I know you will not go bankrupt?
It is impossible to guarantee or predict what will happen in the future. SCAH is a subsidiary of Jewish Senior Services (our parent company) and has its full support and backing. Jewish Senior Services has a 46-year track record of commitment and service to the local community. Being part of a not-for-profit organization allows us to maintain our focus on our mission statement, without being influenced by stockholders and/or profit driven owners. In addition, the Connecticut Department of Social Services regulates our program. We are presently in line with our long-range business plan and can look to similar programs in the country and feel comfortable the concept is working financially.

Is this like insurance?
In general terms, the concept of protecting your assets can be considered insurance. However, we are a not-for-profit healthcare organization and our program does not fall into the insurance category. We are regulated by the Connecticut Department of Social Services and considered a Continuing Care Community “without walls”. In addition, our program is more comprehensive than insurance and focuses not only on preserving assets but also providing and managing services for our members for the rest of their lives. We strive to develop close relationships between our members and their care coordinators the day they join our program. This is one of many reasons SCAH is unique compared to long-term care insurance. We concentrate on quality of care, quality of life and giving our members peace of mind.

This program costs too much.
A statement such as this depends on one’s point of view. If you compare the dollar investment into our program with the amount of services we offer to our members, you will find the cost to be inexpensive. We understand everything is relative to a person’s own financial ability. However, if someone has the resources to invest in their future long-term care now, SCAH is one of the most cost effective options available. It is important to determine the long-term return on any investment to fully realize its value. Something seemingly less expensive today could in turn be much more costly in the future when services are actually being utilized.

I cannot afford this program.
Everyone’s financial makeup is probably different, and there are situations where someone will not have the resources to invest in our program. However, many individuals who have the ability may not realize the importance of planning for their future long-term care now. Potentially the most expensive investment we may make in our lives is when we need long-term care. The benefit of investing in a long-term care plan today will be protecting your assets for the future. Often it is necessary to do a thorough financial review to truly determine if someone can afford becoming a member of SCAH. After the financial review, many people are surprised to find they do have the financial means to invest in our program. In addition, they find the process to be enlightening and it gives them a better understanding of their own financial capabilities.

In addition to the above, more questions and have been asked, and statements shared, about SCAH. We will continue to address and share these in the upcoming months, so please check our website periodically for updates.

If you would like to learn more about Senior Choice at Home, please contact the SCAH office at 203-365-6491 or email us at

Thank you.


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