Senior Choice at Home Frequently Asked Questions and Statements – Part 2

Senior Choice at Home Frequently Asked Questions and Statements – Part 2 0

Posted on 27, August 2019

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Ever since the Senior Choice at Home (SCAH) program started in 2011, many excellent questions have been asked, and statements shared, by individuals who were exploring the program for themselves, family members or clients (i.e., attorneys). Since people in like situations may have similar thoughts, we thought it would be beneficial to share more of these questions and statements, along with our responses, with you.

1. I may want to go live near my daughter in Boston.

The good news is that Senior Choice at Home is now portable, so your benefits are good out-of-state too. Skilled home health care (aides), homemaker, companion, emergency response system, meals, adult day care, and facility-based services are all covered through our portability benefit, whether it’s Boston or Boise. Your coverage amounts and levels are the same out-of-state as they are in-state, so considering that Senior Choice at Home fees are designed to cover long term care costs in Connecticut, which are among the highest in the country, you should be well-covered wherever else you move in the U.S. The portability feature is also beneficial for members who live part of the year out of Connecticut, such as those who “snowbird.” They are also covered in the location where they spend a few months out of the year.

2. I am not ready yet. I plan to join when I get closer to needing services. I will just know when that time comes.

We rarely speak with someone who had put some type of plan in place, whether that was becoming a member of Senior Choice at Home, purchasing long-term care insurance or moving into Independent Living (i.e., in a CCRC), that was sorry they made that decision when they did. On the other hand, we have spoken with many individuals over the years who were sorry they did not put a plan in place because now they need help and as a result are ineligible for these types of programs.

If we had a crystal ball, we could all determine exactly the perfect time to make this decision and join a program like Senior Choice at Home. We have all of heard stories of a friend or family member who was just fine but then one day they fell or became ill. If you wait until the time you need services or even until the time you are close to needing services, your options can become very limited. Options like Senior Choice at Home, Long-Term Care Insurance, and Independent Living all have eligibility criteria that exclude individuals who already need care or are close to needing services. Many people will wait until there is a crisis before a decision is made. Not only does this limit your choices and take away your control in making that decision, but it could also compromise the quality of care you receive and be much more expensive in the end. It is never too soon to make this decision but it can be too late.

3. My daughter (or friend) will take care of me.

Although friends and family have wonderful intentions in promising to take care of us, the reality is that it can be an emotionally, physically and financially exhausting job. Times are different today. Families may no longer live on the same block or even in the same town or state. Many of our adult children have dual income families and a list of after work and school activities for their family that’s a mile long. Their good intentions may not be realistic. Many individuals who have become members of Senior Choice at Home joined because they did not want to burden their friends or family, but at the same time did not want to leave this responsibility to a complete stranger. Members of Senior Choice at Home feel secure in knowing that their Care Coordinator is someone they trust; who will work with them as an advocate to ensure they receive the care they need.

4. I can understand needing this if my spouse was gone, but I don’t need it until then.

For better or for worse, you promised to be there for each other and take care of each other. However, what if your care becomes too much for your spouse to manage on his/her own? What if you both become ill? Wouldn’t you feel better knowing that your spouse had a plan for the future if you were no longer there? If one or both of you needs care, you can feel secure in knowing that you have our professional team working with you as your advocate to help you stay together in your own home for as long as possible. You no longer need to worry about who you will turn to for help or where you will go if you can no longer remain in your home. In addition, Senior Choice at Home gives you financial protection against the skyrocketing cost of long-term care. Caring for your needs won’t drain your resources leaving your spouse impoverished. You and your spouse deserve that peace of mind.

In addition to the above, more questions and have been asked, and statements shared, about SCAH. We will continue to address and share these in the future, so please check our website periodically for updates.

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