Home Together® Adult Family Living

A new way of supporting you to support others in Connecticut

Education, Guidance, Emotional Support, Daily Stipend

Home Together® supports caregivers living with adults who need daily help and qualify for state assistance. Home Together trains caregivers and provides on-going supervision of care, education, support and a daily stipend to help keep individuals at home. Home Together also helps match qualified adults with homes and trained caregivers.

Adult Foster Homes Not everyone has a family member able to live with them and provide the assistance they need.  Some adults no longer want nor are able to live alone. Living together allows adults to share assistance, share expenses and share life. To address these need, Home Together will match and coordinate tours for adults who need help with screened and certified households. Household caregivers receive a daily stipend for provided support. If you or someone you know is looking for a home environment or would like their home to become a certified adult foster home, please contact us today!

For a free assessment, call us at 203-659-3699 or email HomeTogether@jseniors.org.