Women’s Auxiliary

Since 1968, the Women’s Auxiliary has communicated the important work of Jewish Senior Services to the local community and contributed valuable volunteer and financial resources. Their fundraising efforts have played an essential role in furthering Jewish Senior Service’s mission and standard of health care.

Our Mission

The overriding mission of the Women’s Auxiliary is to
nurture, enhance and support quality of life initiatives for Residents and
clients of Jewish Senior Services. To fulfill its mission, the Women’s
Auxiliary enhances services, develops life enriching programs and works with
the professional staff to address the constantly changing needs of the

Integral to the basic mission are the following charges:

  • To provide funds, through fundraising activities and donations, which serve specific needs of the Residents.
  • To contribute leadership and guidance that benefits the Auxiliary and to benefit the Residents and their families.
  • To provide programs of value and substance to current and prospective members and to the community at large.
  • To increase awareness and educate the community about Jewish Senior Services programs and services.

Fundraising Activities

Throughout the year, the Women’s Auxiliary offers a variety of activities and events that appeal to a diverse membership and the broader community. These include the Spring Luncheon & Boutique, Fall Gala, Membership Meeting, Oneg Shabbat Celebrations, and other outreach programs. For 50 years, the dedication and creativity of members have enabled the Auxiliary to contribute over five million dollars to Jewish Senior Services. These funds have helped ensure that the Residents receive special services, recreational activities and religious and cultural programs, both within and beyond our campus. We are incredibly proud of our contributions and knowing that we make a daily difference in the lives of Residents and clients.


With fundraising dollars, the Women’s Auxiliary contributes to the following programs through annual allocations:

  • Art, Music and Pet Therapies
  • Better Together Program, partnering with Merkaz Community High School for Judaic Studies
  • Center for Elder Abuse Prevention
  • Oral History Program
  • Resident Activity Supplies
  • Resident Entertainment, Trips and weekly Summer BBQs
  • Resident Gifts – Chanukah, Mother’s Day and Calendar with Resident Artwork
  • Shabbat Celebrations and Onegs
  • Transporter
  • Weekly Household Flowers

Membership and Benefits

Members of the Women’s Auxiliary are informed, concerned and
involved, and represent the Jewish community within and beyond Fairfield
County. Our members create and take part in educational, cultural and social
programs that advance the interests of Jewish Senior Services, help cultivate
future lay leadership and provide a sense of personal fulfillment.

  • Benefits of membership in the Women’s Auxiliary include:
  • Personal reward while making a difference in the lives of Residents.
  • Opportunity for leadership positions, including the Auxiliary’s Board of Directors.
  • Social opportunities with like-minded women.
  • Subscription to Chai Lights, a newsletter dedicated to news about Jewish Senior Services.