Jewish Senior Services Mission


Consistent with Jewish values and traditions, Jewish Senior Services mission is to assure seniors the health care, housing and geriatric services required to achieve the highest possible quality of life reasonably attainable for them. Admission to these services will be available to Jewish seniors on a priority basis but all are welcome regardless of religion. 


The vision of Jewish Senior Services is to be a premier senior living and community-based service provider and the first choice resource recommended by professionals to seniors and their families.

Core Values (“MITZVOT”)

(Guided by the basic tenets of Jewish Tradition)

BIKKUR CHOLIM – (Caring for the Sick)
Tend to the needs of the elderly and infirm with the highest possible quality of care.

CHESED v’EMET – (Compassion and Truth)
Work and make decisions guided by truth, tempered with compassion.

KAVOD – (Respect)
Respect our elders, families, staff and community. Respect diversity in values, beliefs, lifestyles, customs and traditions while working together towards a common goal.

AHAVAT SHALOM – (Love of Peace)
Care for people in ways that promote peace and goodwill in our community.

TIKKUN OLAM – (Repairing the World)
Act in ways that help to make our world a better place.

TZEDAKAH – (Righteous Acts)
Give generously of ourselves and our resources to support those most in need.




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